Our areas of Expertise

Redefine your life through our fast, efficient and robust technology. Mux Life offers a one stop solution for all your automation requirements

Remote Management 

Control your devices from anywhere in the world. Now no need to worry about the lights and devices that you forgot to turn off. You can easily control your devices on your fingertips from anywhere in the world.

Real Time Status and Notifications

Stay up to date on your device usage through our Status notifications. Mux Life makes life easy. Your devices talk with you and notify about their current statuses and situations.

Smart Scenes and Automation

Create customized scenarios within a routine, to create an intuitive smart home experience based on you! Now your device notifies you that it’s time for your sleep, work or other activities.

Voice Assistant Enabled

Our state of the art devices can easily be connected with and Works with Amazon Echo/Dot/Tap, IFTTT, and Google Assistant.


Smart Scheduling and Timers

Now no need to stay alert for switching your devices off. Mux Life provide you the accessibility to set timers, schedules for all your devices.

App Control

You can easily control and manage all your Smart devices through the Mux life app. It enables to regulate your smart automated devices.